(1). What are the kind of people you approve for bad credit mobile phones?

- At Grendon Phones, we believe that no one should be denied an opportunity for a mobile phone contract. We basically help people with a poor credit rating get approved for bad credit mobile phones. Conversely, people with no credit score can also apply and get approved.

(2). How do you mitigate risks on your side?

- Like any other provider, Grendon Phones believes in providing its customers the best deals in so far as bad credit mobile phones are concerned. However, in order for us to keep offering these great services, we require that those applying for bad credit mobile phones pay a small upfront deposit. This is simply to help us mitigate risks should anything unexpected happen and you can’t meet your contractual obligations as earlier agreed.

(3). Do I have the liberty to choose the kind of mobile phone plan I want?

- Yes. The choice of mobile phone plan is completely at your discretion and is in line with your tastes as well as preferences. Ours as a provider is to advice you but the ultimate choice squarely lies on you. We do not impose any plan on you unless we deem it necessary and the right call for you and for our well being.

(4). How many types of phones are on offer?

- At Grendon Phones, we do not limit anyone on the type of mobile phone they want when applying for bad credit mobile phones. However, we might require you to place a small upfront payment if you want high end phones and latest releases such as iPhone 6 and Samsung galaxy s6. That notwithstanding, we avail almost all kinds of phones such as HTC, Huawei, Microsoft/Nokia, iPhones, Samsung galaxy models, Motorola handsets just to mention but a few.

(5). What if my application is rejected?

- While we try as much as possible to approve all applications made for bad credit mobile phone contracts, there are instances where our hands are tied and therefore we have to reject various applications. However, please take note that the rejections are never based on a person’s credit score. In most cases, we reject applications if an applicant provided erroneous information that is inaccurate. This need not be a problem because once all the errors have been rectified, an approval will be done in the soonest time possible.

(6). What are my chances of getting an upgrade in the near future?

- Having bad credit does not mean that your situation is permanent. At Grendon Phones, we believe that no situation is permanent and that is why we always have a door open for an upgrade provided that you are loyal and make your payments on time. If you win our trust and demonstrate your commitment to make payments on time, you can always go for an upgrade as and when you want it.

(7). What is the standard waiting period after I make an application?

- Once you’ve met all the requirements and have made an application for a bad credit mobile phone plan, you need not worry as we always approve your contract within 24 hours.

(8). Do you collaborate with various networks or will I have to change my mobile number?

- The amazing thing about applying for a bad credit mobile phone contract is that we collaborate with all the leading networks in the UK. You therefore need not worry about changing your mobile number as you can get a better and amazing deal in a network of your choice.

(9). Can I choose the term of the contract?

- At Grendon Phones, we require that individuals applying for a bad credit mobile phone plan be committed to us for at least 18 months. What this essentially means is that you can choose the term of the contract so long as its 18 months and above.