About Us

Established for the purposes of helping people with a poor credit rating get approved for a mobile phone contract, Grendon Phones continues to be a dependable provider to thousands of individuals across the UK. We offer different kinds of mobile phone plans to customers irrespective of how high or low their credit score is. The reason why we are a top tier provider is because we take the problems of our customers as our own. Unlike other providers who’ve got preconceived perceptions when dealing with customers, we understand that things happen in life and it would be unfair for us to judge our customers based on their credit score.

Though our sole objective is to help as many customers as possible get approved for a mobile phone contract, we also offer advice on the steps they can take to improve their credit rating. To make this process as smooth as possible, we have been able to enlist the services of men and women who are well versed in mobile phone contracting, laws governing credit rating and customer relations. They treat our customers with utmost respect and ensure that all their needs are met. Irrespective of whether you have bad credit or a history of CCJs, we can assure you of an approval when you apply for bad credit mobile phone contracts.