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Welcome to Grendon Phones

Are you incensed, unhappy, and frustrated simply because you can’t seem to get approved for a mobile phone contract however hard you try? Do you feel as if you get secondary treatment every time you apply for a mobile phone contract because you have bad credit? Is your credit score the bane of all of your problems in so far as application and approval of mobile phone contracts is concerned? If you identify with all the aforementioned, you need not worry as Grendon Phones has got your back. We were established for the very reason of helping scores of UK residents who can’t get approved for a mobile phone contract because of their credit status to get a worthy deal.

As a matter of fact, Grendon Phones has a special relationship with people that have bad credit. We are cognizant of the fact that people with bad credit have for a long time been on the receiving end of rejections and therefore we made it our objective to help them get approved for a mobile phone contract. With our various bad credit mobile phones plans, customers from across the UK can have peace of mind in the knowledge that getting approved for a phone contract is no longer a herculean task. So long as you show commitment and willingness to work with us, we can assure you of a contract approval irrespective of the status of your credit score.

How we work

We understand that a mobile device is an asset and a basic need in the 21st century. In this regard, we do everything within our power to help men and women residing from anywhere within the UK to get approved for a mobile phone contract. Basically, we review your application to ascertain that you’ve met the minimum basic requirement when applying for a bad credit mobile phone contract.

Each customer has a unique need and that is why we take it upon ourselves to evaluate with the sole aim of ensuring that we advice them to go for a deal that is in tandem with their needs. Of course, we do not impose any plan on you because we realize that customers have different tastes and preferences. However, we ensure that we provide you with proper advice so that you can make an informed decision. Once we are sure that you’ve chosen the correct plan, you sign the contract and we avail a mobile phone to you within 24 hours.

Why should you choose us?

Grendon Phones has exceeded expectations in so far as provision of affordable bad credit mobile phones is concerned. We are constantly working towards exceeding the expectations of our customers strewn all over the UK. We do not for any single moment discriminate customers based on their credit status and are always more than willing to assist them get a better deal. From the moment we started operations, our sole aim has to be help as many people as possible with bad credit get approved for a mobile phone contract. Our commitment to the satisfaction of our customers as well as the diversity of our bad credit mobile phone plans is what has continued to set us apart from other providers across the UK.

We believe that our ultimate success is hinged on the satisfaction of our customers. We are always looking for ways through which we can snag a better deal for our customers their credit status notwithstanding. Our customer personnel are well trained in customer relations, understand the essence of being professional in all their dealings and do everything in their power to ensure that the needs of our customers are met if not exceeded.

Get approved today

If you believe you have suffered enough or that you can’t take any further rejections from providers, you need not worry as we have the perfect solution for you. For more infomore info on our bad credit mobile phone plans, head over to one of our partners Money supermarket. Our bad credit mobile phones approval are done in record time and you can expect to have a mobile phone in your possession within 24 hours or 48 hours in the latest provided that you’ve met all our basic requirements.